Hasselblad X2D Review Part 2 : Exploring the Hasselblad X2D: A Visual Journey by Bobby Tonelli

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Unveiling the Captivating World of the Hasselblad X2D Camera System


In today’s digital age, photography has become more than just a hobby; it has transformed into an art form that allows us to capture and preserve the beauty of the world around us. Bobby Tonelli takes us on an extraordinary visual journey in his captivating YouTube video, where he delves into the remarkable features and breathtaking results of the Hasselblad X2D camera system. In this blog post, we have the privilege of referencing Bobby Tonelli’s insightful video to explore the wonders of the X2D and its incredible capabilities.

Part Two

Bobby Tonelli takes us on a mesmerising exploration of the Hasselblad X2D camera system, focusing on the lens collection that complements this remarkable camera. With the support of Hasselblad, Bobby got his hands on the coveted 38mm f/2.5 and the 55mm f/2.5 lenses, providing us with an in-depth analysis of their performance and image quality.

Unparalleled Image Quality

Bobby ‘s review showcases the exceptional image quality produced by the Hasselblad X2D and its accompanying lenses. He emphasises the camera’s ability to capture stunning levels of detail, thanks to its 100-megapixel sensor. The images he shares demonstrate the remarkable sharpness, clarity, and dynamic range that the X2D is capable of delivering. From landscapes to portraits, the camera’s image quality truly shines through.

Lens Performance and Portability

Bobby provides an insightful analysis of the 38mm f/2.5 and 55mm f/2.5 lenses, highlighting their outstanding performance and portability. He praises the sharpness and bokeh produced by these lenses, as well as their ability to handle light and produce captivating flares. The compact and lightweight design of the lenses also adds to their appeal, making them ideal for photographers on the go.

Meticulous Design and Features

The video showcases the meticulous design and thoughtful features of the Hasselblad X2D camera system. Bobby highlights the retro-modern aesthetic of the lenses, paying homage to the iconic Hasselblad V series. He also explores the functionality of the customisable ring, which allows for quick switching between manual and autofocus modes. The lens caps are commended for their durability and ease of use.

Color Science and Image Rendition

One of the standout features of the Hasselblad X2D, as emphasised by Bobby, is its exceptional colour science. Hasselblad’s meticulous calibration process ensures accurate colour reproduction, resulting in images that are rich, vibrant, and true to life. Bobby’s sample images illustrate the camera’s ability to capture and render colours with remarkable fidelity, providing photographers with a solid foundation for their creative vision.

Firmware 2.0 and Enhanced Functionality

Bobby discusses the significance of Firmware 2.0 for the Hasselblad X2D, highlighting the exciting improvements and expanded functionalities it brings. He mentions the addition of focus peaking, which aids in achieving precise manual focus. The refined crop factors, accompanied by masking options, allow for greater compositional control. Improved autofocus performance and an enhanced histogram display further enhance the camera’s usability and versatility.


As we conclude this blog post, we want to express our gratitude to Bobby Tonelli for sharing his knowledge and experiences with the Hasselblad X2D camera system. His technical reviews and insights provide valuable guidance to photographers seeking unparalleled image quality and a unique colour science experience. We encourage our readers to watch Bobby’s captivating video to gain a deeper understanding of the X2D’s capabilities and the remarkable results it can achieve.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Bobby for his generosity in allowing us to reference his insightful video. The Hasselblad X2D, accompanied by the exceptional lenses, represents a remarkable tool for photographers who strive for excellence in their craft. We look forward to more exceptional content from Bobby and the exciting possibilities that the Hasselblad X2D camera system offers to photographers around the world. Do follow Bobby at @btonelli

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